Storybook Editions

A poor old farmer discovers his three witless sons have a use after all when he sends them into town to make something of themselves.

A bawdy retelling of “The Three Sons of Fortune” by the Brothers Grimm.

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Jaleel discovers there’s more to life than being a kept boy, only to have true love snatched away from him in a cruel conspiracy. But his enemies are about to get served their just desserts when Jaleel orchestrates a steamy scheme to vindicate his beloved.

An erotic romp based on “The Lady and Her Five Suitors” from The Arabian Nights.

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Goldie’s staying at his grandmother’s house between his junior and senior years of college. He’s living life carefree, meeting boys, and soaking up the sun in what he’s calls his slutty summer. When he stumbles on a secluded house in the woods, it’s about to get even sluttier.

A Storybook Edition based on “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.”

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“Whenever I hear someone talking about The Little Three Pigs fable, I will always remember this sleazy, raunchy, and fresh version of it with a smile on my face.” ✫✫✫✫✫ Rainbow Reviewss

A horny forty-something UPS driver’s daily routine goes seriously off-course with a series of deliciously raunchy delivery encounters.

A modern, filthy update on “The Three Little Pigs.”

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