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Gay Coming of Age X Murder mystery

Ethan Leavitt is on a mission to reinvent himself at college, but he never thought that would involve joining a fraternity. For one thing, he’s gay, and for another, he was a total nerd in high school. Then during rush week, he and his best friend Jayson get stopped by Oliver, an insanely hot pledge chair at Tau Alpha Theta (ΤΑΘ).

ΤΑΘ welcomes all kinds of quality young men, Oliver explains, and their mission is to create a more inclusive society. Ethan’s skeptical, but Jayson pushes him along to a party that turns out to be pretty much the best night of Ethan’s life. Initiation is really fun, and just like that, Ethan has an amazing friend group, gay and straight. He’s feeling for the first time in his life he’s found a place where he belongs.

Things get a little strange when Ethan moves into the frat house annex and discovers the guys are running a reality-based porn website called Frat House Secrets. But it’s not so serious. Anyone who’s not comfortable doesn’t have to participate, and it’s mostly just walking around the house in the buff for the video feed. Going away to college is all about new experiences, right? It’s easy money and kind of fun. But someone’s watching Frat House Secrets, and they’ve got a score to settle with ΤΑΘ.

Praise for Frat House Secrets:

“Such a good coming of age book that reminded me how hard it is as a gay man on a college campus to find themselves.” ~ Vols77, Amazon Reviewer

“Sucked me right in and then the suspense started building and building and my light story had turned into one that kept me glued to the pages until I finished it. I just had to know what happened next.” ~ Susie Umphers, Amazon Reviewer

“This is definitely a great gay fiction with several intriguing twists and turns to keep you engaged. Everything is from Ethan’s POV, so you have a front seat for some pretty interesting action.” ~ Liza, Goodreads Reviewer

“This was a story full of twists and turns that was very hard to put down once started. It drew me into the daily lives of college students as they navigate their lives and friendships.” ~Joan, Goodreads Reviewer

“The side characters were well developed and the main character’s journey to adulthood was showcased in stages of development through out the book from the first chapter till the last!” ~ Barbara, Goodreads Reviewer

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“An unpredictable, delectably twisted page-turner.”

Erik Odegaard is beautiful, successful, and runs with an A-list Hollywood crowd. He’s the aggressive bedmate of twenty-eight-year-old Mason’s dreams. Their whirlwind romance turned into a picture perfect wedding in Maui and a new home for the two of them on the beach in Malibu. Sometimes it feels like everything Mason ever wanted, though Erik’s intense and private personality has drawbacks outside of the bedroom.

Then Erik’s twin brother Lucas shows up at their doorstep needing a place to crash while he rebuilds his life after serving time. Erik calls his brother a walking train wreck, but he’s actually everything Mason hasn’t been getting from Erik. Lucas is kind and adorably playful, and he doesn’t take himself so seriously. There’s an undeniable physical attraction, and when Erik starts giving signals he wouldn’t mind if Mason and Lucas explored that, Mason has got a lot to reevaluate about the kind of life he imagined for himself. But a slow drip of secrets from the past sheds a new light on the Odegaard brothers and their true intentions.

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Praise for Killer Twins

“I couldn’t turn the pages quick enough.” ~ Mrs. C., Goodreads reviewer

“Loaded with mystery, secrets, and forbidden choices…A high dose of psychological impact.” ~Bianca, Goodreads reviewer

“The author’s device of having Mason be an innocent, dazzled and flattered by the attention of a rich, stereotypically beautiful man, is well played. We want to be frustrated with Mason’s credulity, but we can also remember when we were easily swayed by things beyond our previous experience. How do we not get caught up in circumstances when it seems like all our wildest dreams are coming true? ~ Queer Romance Ink

“Delightfully dark and beautifully written.”

Elijah Masters hasn’t been the same since his dad died in an electrical fire. He sleepwalked through senior year to graduation, but away at college, he had nowhere to hide. Partying and skipping classes, he got sent home on suspension.

Having to go back to live with his mom is bad enough, but while Elijah was away, his mom moved in her much younger boyfriend, Justin, who’s a fitness god with questionable adulting skills. They’re talking about getting married.

The only bright spot in Elijah’s day is flirting with Mike, a kid he barely spoke to in high school, who hunkers down to study at the coffee shop where Elijah works. The kid’s a puzzle, and he’s really grown into himself since graduation. But while Elijah tries to find his normal again, Justin tries to reel Elijah in, and he’s a lot more dangerous than his chill bro exterior.

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Praise for Bad Stepfather

“Along with a great storyline between the two MCs, there are some brutal truths from the past, suspense, murder, and mystery. You are in for an epic adventure, with this book!!!” ~ Love Bytes LGBTQ Reviews

“I love a good romantic thriller, and this one has lots of twists I didn’t see coming.” ~ JDHB, Amazon Reviewer

“The novel fully evolves to a plot structure that would have done Hitchcock proud in his noir years. Justin, so far merely a cypher, blooms dangerous…Aside from you, dear reader, questioning whether you would be taking the same steps as Elijah, ‘Bad Stepfather’ is so very far from awful, and is highly recommended.” ~ Rainbow Book Reviews

A stunning erotic thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Gabe’s life changed in a heartbeat when his husband died in a plane crash, leaving him a widower and a single dad to their newborn daughter. Two years later, he’s finally ready to return to his work as an artist. When a bright, attractive college grad named Matthew presents himself as a live-in caretaker for Isabela, Gabe thinks he’s the perfect fit.

Matthew is more than the solution to Gabe’s childcare problems. The two men soon fall into bed together, and Gabe wonders if Matthew was heaven-sent to create the insta-family of his dreams. But behind Matthew’s irresistible exterior lurks a desperate soul who could plunge Gabe into the greatest nightmare of his life.

Praise for The Manny

“Holy smokes, that was simply spectacular.” ~ Trio, Goodreads reviewer

“Romantic suspense at its best.” ~ Forever Reading, Amazon reviewer

“Passionate. Erotic. Dark and disturbing.” ~ Constantine, Amazon reviewer

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Meet cute meets escort thriller in a sexy love story like no other.

Campus Call Boy

Twenty-one-year-old Noah Jeffries has a secret. He’s putting himself through college under the rent boy name Max Wilde. He doesn’t mind the sex, most of the time, and he sure doesn’t mind the money. But when he falls hard for Carlos, a hot student activist, he’s clobbered by a tough decision. Can he give up making big money on a chance for love? Will Carlos even want to be with him if he knows his secret?

Meanwhile, being Max Wilde is getting complicated. A high paying client who’s the provost of Noah’s university wants Noah all for himself. There’s danger as the guy gets more obsessive, and now it could spill out and impact Carlos as well.

Praise for Campus Call Boy

“Oh, the hubris of youth! Preminger captures it so well in this book.” Queer Romance Ink

“An interesting story with suspense and dangerous aspects, but with a sweet and sexy love story mixed in. I liked the characters- Noah, Darius and Carlos – and enjoyed the story.” ~ SJ’s Book Blog

“This wasn’t your typical boy meets boy and falls in love romance. It has twists and turns action suspense and of course love. You have to read it!” ~ Michelle Romero, Goodreads reviewer

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