Guilty Pleasures Editions

Just out August 4, 2020

“Holy smokes, that was simply spectacular.” ~ Trio, Goodreads reviewer

“Romantic suspense at its best.” ~ Forever Reading, Amazon reviewer


Gabe’s life changed in a heartbeat when his husband died in a plane crash, leaving him a widower and a single dad to their newborn daughter. Two years later, he’s finally ready to return to his work as an artist. When a bright, attractive college grad named Matthew presents himself as a live-in caretaker for Isabela, Gabe thinks he’s the perfect fit.

Matthew is more than the solution to Gabe’s childcare problems. The two men soon fall into bed together, and Gabe wonders if Matthew was heaven-sent to create the insta-family of his dreams. But behind Matthew’s irresistible exterior lurks a desperate soul who could plunge Gabe into the greatest nightmare of his life.

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CAMPUS CALL BOY new cover 2

Twenty-one-year-old Noah Jeffries has a secret. He’s putting himself through college under the rent boy name Max Wilde. He doesn’t mind the sex, most of the time, and he sure doesn’t mind the money. But when he falls hard for Carlos, a hot student activist, he’s clobbered by a tough decision. Can he give up making big money on a chance for love? Will Carlos even want to be with him if he knows his secret?

Meanwhile, being Max Wilde is getting complicated. A high paying client who’s the provost of Noah’s university wants Noah all for himself. There’s danger as the guy gets more obsessive, and now it could spill out and impact Carlos as well.

The first title in Romeo’s Guilty Pleasures Editions collection of erotic thrillers.

Praise for Campus Call Boy

“Oh, the hubris of youth! Preminger captures it so well in this book.” Queer Romance Ink

“Sexy and sweet. Nasty and dirty.” ~ Truths 🌈 Loveislovereview, Amazon reviewer

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